10K NFT: Sunset Blvd.

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The Genesis Fomo.works NFT collection
Sunset Blvd is a place, it’s a brand, it’s where so many have started their journeys to make their mark on culture. Now we have chosen Sunset Blvd as our starting point as well.
The Sunset Blvd Collection is a collaborative NFT collection designed as a community and platform to evolve culture and entertainment. As the genesis drop of Fomo.works, it is also the beginning of a collaborative, web3 studio and global media brand.
Ultimately, this will not be the Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles. This will be a virtual Sunset Blvd we all build together.


Sunset Blvd takes cultural inspiration from the place where so many have come to make their mark on culture. We are specifically inspired by the early 80s Sunset Blvd when independent, DIY punks took over from the 70s.


Sunset Blvd is part of International Art Machine, which is here to usher in the full of expression of global culture by unleashing the openness and creativity of web3 with a decentralized media streaming service. We are bored by the current corporate culture and believe that we need to ride on completely new, decentralized and censorship proof rails to create the future, embracing the punk ethos of diy independence and rebellion.
This isn’t the Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles. This is a global Sunset Blvd. we will all build together.


  1. Second drop of "addresses," “jobs,” and "issues" that can situate and complicate each holder’s characters and evolve them over time.
  1. Launch DAOs to organize and manage decentralized studio and streaming service.
  1. Produce “Sunset Blvd” television series set in the early 80s about the reshaping of the music and movie businesses and the passion and personalities involved.
  1. Launch decentralized web3 streaming service with decentralized financing of shows and movies and launch token.


  • Create fiction to grow the Sunset Blvd world. Any team fiction we use in any ensuing films and television series will be credited and rewarded.
  • Participate in working groups and planning sessions for the DAOs and details required for the decentralized studio and streaming service.
  • Get whitelisted for future NFTs and get the drops.
  • Note that up to 10% of Sunset Blvd NFTs will be granted on scholarship


  • Roy Price, the founder of Amazon Video – built Amazon Video and Studios from zero
  • Dave Craige, founder of Studio DAO
  • Mahaji, former product leader at Amazon
  • Karishma Raina Sharma, international television executive